Fairness & Glow Treatment

For most of the people nothing is more desirable than a clear glowing skin with fair complexion. Achieving your personal vision of beauty goes a long way in boosting your self esteem and confidence.  Keeping this in mind, we have designed fantastic treatments that removes any signs of blemishes, uneven pigmentation, skin discoloration and suntan permanently makeing your skin fair and luminous.

Hyper pigmentation is a very common and distressing skin condition. It is marked by the presence of uneven dark patches in an otherwise even skin tone. Our skin colour is determined by the pigment Melanin – a substance produced by special cells called melanocytes. When these cells overproduce the amount of melanin hyperpigmentation and darkning of complexion occurs. This can be caused by excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes, genetic factor or drug reaction.

At skincare clinic our experience and in-depth knowledge about pigmentation helps us get to the bottom of each case. After evaluating the cause and severity of pigmentation we customize a treatment plan for our patients that not only removes blemishes, uneven pigmentation, tan and skin discoloration but also improve the texture and gives fairness and glow to the skin.

Treatment options:

Oral and Topical medications and sunscreen

Mesotherapy or mesoglow treatment
The science of Mesotherapy originated in France. It involves the placing of nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc, Copper etc into dermis to stimulate new healthier skin that is radiant and youthful. This treatment is highly recommended for skin rejuvenation, brightening, lightening & to remove stubborn pigmentation. The procedure is very quick and painless. The results are seen after 3 – 5 days. This is a favorite with the stars and fashion industry

Photo rejuvenation popularly known as Photo Facial uses Intense Pulsed light (IPL) technology. It brings about brightening and tightening to the skin. A special bandwidth of light focuses on melanin, collagen and haemoglobin. The light generates a special type of heat that helps to decrease melanin thereby lightening the pigmentation. It also shrinks the hair follicle, reducing hair growth. IPL also stimulates collagen resulting in tightening and rejuvenating the ageing skin. Another benefit achieved by this light is that it shrinks the dilated capillaries in the skin thereby reducing redness and improving conditions such as Rosacea.


Professional Peels: The basic aim of peels is to replace the outer, dead layers of tired, sallow, blemished and scared skin to reveal the underlying fresh, scar free, fair and clear skin.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)  Skin rejuvenation treatment or Vampire Face Lift  is a technology where magical growth factors from your own blood are used to rejuvenate your skin to give you a flawless, fair and younger looking skin.

Lasers: like Q-Switch Nd YAG 1064 nm, I.P.L etc. Also help in reduction of Melanin thereby decreasing pigmentation and increasing fairness and glow.

Insta glow skin treatments: hyper pigmentation can also be treated by our special Diamond skin polishing, microdermabrasion, intense hydration treatment, vitamin c and nutrients booster infusion treatment, oxygen rejuvenation treatment, photo rejuvenation treatment, pumpkin peel etc. These treatments give excellent results and make the skin extremely fair and add radiance to the skin.