Insta Glow Skin Treatment

This can be taken before any important occasion as it gives your skin an instant glow and lightens and brightens your complexion in a jiffy.
These are not about just creams and massage. These treatments are scientific way of delivering oxygen, vitamins and nutrients deep inside the skin with special equipments which uses the latest technology.These treatments integrate the delivery of concentrated pure oxygen, skin essential vitamins & nutrients followed by photo -rejuvenation,skin -polishing, microdermabration, mesotherapy, peels etc. to, lighten, brighten, tighten and provide nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells. The skin is hence rejuvenated and has a youthful radiance. Face looks fresh, young and healthy with a fairness and glow on skin. With our knowledge and experience we know what combination of treatment will best suit your skin. These quick-fix secrets will have your skin looking super hydrated, fair, radiant, nourished and glowing.

Oxygen skin rejuvenation

Oxygen skin rejuvenation often called the “red carpet facial” is taken by celebrities across the world before a red carpet event. It infuses oxygen  with special serums and vitamin  into the skin It acts as a healing tool to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. Using the latest technology, it combines pure oxygen with nourishing serum to penetrate deep layers of the skin. It rejuvenates the skin and bringing about youthful radiance. Oxygen infusion stimulates production of collagen and also renewal of cellular components so as to reverse the signs of ageing. It gives your face an immediate boost for a special occasion with long-lasting results. Pure oxygen delivered to skin works wonders in rejuvenating the skin. It is superb at reducing fine lines, smoothening wrinkles especially those present at delicate under-eye area, softening and plumping nasal folds.All in all, oxygen skin rejuvenation treatments bring about a youthful and radiant glow to the skin and signs of ageing are actually reversed painlessly.


Photorejuvination also known as Photofacial. Use laser and I.P.L to boost collagen, improve open pores and improve pigmentation giving a glow to the face. it is a great treatment to keep your skin looking beautiful in all seasons.

Ultra intense hydration

Here the skin is injected with hyaluronic acid, a natural constituent of the skin lost with ageing. Hyaluronic acid has a property of binding and holding water in the skin. Hence it improves skin hydration and restores the skin’s vitality and suppleness by naturally smoothening the skin from within. Immediate visible results include a radiant, well-nourished skin that’s soft to the touch with reduced fine lines and wrinkles and improved facial contour.The effect of this treatment last for over 6 months. This treatment can be done for the back of the hands for hydration.

Vitamin C Infusion

An  extremely effective lightening treatment that illuminates the complexion, reduces discoloration and evens out skin tone. Vitamin C and other active ingredients are infused into the skin using noninvasive modality to provide protection from free radicals and renew the epidermal layer of your skin.

Pure & Clear

This intensive anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment is designed to balance sebum secretion that is the prime cause of acne. It zaps the existing pimples alleviates inflammation and reduces irritation whilst improving the skin’s hydration, texture and tone.

Skin lightning and brightening treatment

It is a non invasive modality to penetrate actives like Arbutin,Kojic acid, Vit C etc deeper into the skin.It helps in skin lightening and brightening and leaves you with a radiant skin.


The science of Mesotherapy originated in France. In MesoGlow, nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica, Zinc, Copper etc are micro injected into the dermis to stimulate new healthier skin that is radiant and youthful. The procedure is very quick and painless. The results are seen after 3 – 5 days. This is a favorite with the stars and fashion industry.

Diamond Skin Polishing

It is a technique in which the skin is polished with soft diamonds fixed on tips that electronically moves on the skin. This is useful in removing dead cells. The removal of this outer layer causes the stimulation of new cell production in the underlying layers to renew the surface layer. This is a very gentle treatment which does not cause any damage, resulting in a fresh radiant appearance along with improved texture of skin and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The diamond MDB is a new development worldwide that makes the skin look younger and clearer along with adding softness and glow to it.